Even though many meals and substances are migraine headache triggers, not every one of them will trigger a migraine. For instance, caffeine and chocolate might trigger one person’s head aches, while red wine might be a migraine trigger for others. Dark wine can trigger a migraine headache quickly after consumption. It may also trigger a hangover headache the following morning. Wine consists of substances such as tyramine, histamine, and sulfites that are clinically proven to trigger head aches.


The connection between caffeine and headaches is truly a tricky. When used from time to time inside a small quantity, caffeine can be quite useful in coping with migraine headaches. An excessive amount of caffeine consumed frequently can act as a migraine trigger and can give you more frequent migraine headaches. For all those who've a “withdrawal headache” after missing your typical quantity of coffee, you're most likely consuming an excessive amount of each and every day.


Food additives that can be potent migraine triggers are nitrites and monosodium glutamate. Nitrates and nitrites are preservatives used for food coloring, to prevent food poisoning and also to provide smoked flavor. Many people get migraine headaches in a few minutes to hrs following consuming meals with nitrites. Those who are sensitive to nitrate or nitrite should to read food labels and steer clear of meals with sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrite or potassium nitrate. MSG is really a flavor enhancer and a meat tenderizer. MSG is clinically proven to be a strong migraine trigger. Scientific research studies claim that aspartame might be a migraine trigger in individuals who drink or consume moderate to substantial doses.


Sucralose, the active element of some other common artificial sweetener, Splenda, may also be a migraine trigger as well. Plenty of people add sugar substitutes straight to their tea or coffee. The reason is the fact that sweetening will also be place into meals for instance cereal, breathe mints as well as yogurt. If you are sensitive to aspartame or sucralose, check all food labels of these substances.

Medical scientists don't agree whether chocolate itself or even the substances in it trigger migraine headaches. Chocolate and cacao include phenylethylamine. It might trigger headaches in particular migraine patients by altering blood vessels. Chocolate also consists of some caffeine, which might act as migraine triggers.


Tyramine is found in the food items such as aged cheese, healed meat, smoked seafood, beer, fermented food and yeast extract (including freshly baked bread or cake). It probably triggers head aches by narrowing blood vessels or by activating brain chemicals that induce a migraine.